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Mosey is a voice-enabled app that empowers children through
their reading journey.

Mosey is a voice-enabled app
that empowers children on
their reading journey

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Mosey's benefits

Enjoy a great reading experience

Mosey allows children to choose the books they’d like to read, encourages them to read aloud, highlights the text as they read and provides instant feedback.

Get more confidence

Mosey helps children become confident readers by creating a safe, non-judgemental and empowering environment to practice reading.

Make the best out of screen time

Mosey helps to turn screen time into a meaningful activity, supporting children to develop a lifelong love of reading.

Value Proposition

Think Tank

Co-envisions, co-designs & tests disruptive education forms. Curriculums adress rational & intuitive mind equally and include well-being. For individuals and organizations.

& Well-Being

Includes natural treatments and therapies for healty recovery and enhancement of mind-body-spirit balance. Based on ancient healing traditions.


Develops and promotes programs designed to empower today's and tomorrow's leaders to become authentic actors of change for a sustainable world.

Innovation Hub

Hosts innovation teams & startups to invent sustainable products & services.

Mosey offers children an innovative
and interactive reading experience, making
reading time engaging and enjoyable

What children love about using Mosey:

“As I read the words aloud it highlighted the next word to read. I found this useful and sometimes when I'm reading I can skip words by accident. The font is also easy to read.”

“It was a very good, fun experience.”

“I liked that you can hear the word pronounced if you can’t read it.”

“First it’s online, second it’s easy to follow where we are, and I like the idea of the option to click on difficult words”

“I like the idea, and I like the ability to have a word you don't know read to you.”